MHC Digital Finance Pty Limited is a focused Australian digital currency and emerging technology asset manager with a unique mix of digital asset and traditional financial funds management expertise. MHC Digital Finance is an active investor looking to keep ahead of trends in a rapidly developing sector. It applies a disciplined and methodical approach to managing investments through a continued assessment of risk and performance of its investment strategies. MHC Digital Finance is owned by MH Carnegie & Co Management Pty Ltd, an entity owned by Mark Carnegie, and by DeFi Investment Holdings Pty Limited, an entity owned by Sergei Sergienko.

MH Carnegie & Co Pty Limited is a related party of MHC Digital Finance and is an alternative asset manager, managing committed funds in excess of $900 million across eight platforms with investments across a broad range of asset classes including venture capital, private equity, real estate and debt. The partnership with Sergei Sergienko is consistent with MH Carnegie & Co’s differentiated approach on building platform businesses with leaders in their industries.

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MHC Digital Finance provides a white glove approach to navigating the complex landscape of digital assets. We provide a secure and compliant platform to enable Australian investors to protect their portfolios and take advantage of the rapidly growing opportunities that are arising in the digital asset environment.

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Raman Nambiar

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Investment Commitee

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The Trustee of the MHC Digital Asset Fund is MHC Digital Fund Services Pty Limited. The Trustee of the MHC Digital Market Neutral Fund is MHC Digital Fund Services B Pty Limited. The Manager of the two funds is MHC Digital Finance Pty Limited. Each of these entities is an Authorised Representative of M H Carnegie & Co Limited AFSL 411216. APIR Code MHCX826AU. © 2021 All Rights Reserved.